Luke Bryan, Caroline BryanLuke Bryan is learning to be careful with what he says in interviews these days, because his words can quickly become the next big headline.

"It's funny ... I said a little thing to somebody [about wanting more kids], and the next thing you know, everybody's running around thinking [my wife] Caroline's expecting!" Luke tells The Boot with a chuckle.

While there are no immediate plans to expand the Bryan household, Luke says it's something that he and his wife talk about and will happen when the time is right.

"We certainly want more children and a big ole house full of kids! We want [our son] Bo to have some siblings that are kind of close in age and not too far off," Luke says. "We're trying to plan it out accordingly, I guess."

Luke's latest single, 'Do I,' is spending its third week at No. 2 on Billboard's Top Country Singles chart. If it goes all the way to the top, it will be Luke's first No. 1 as an artist and his second No. 1 as a songwriter. In 2006, Luke and Rachel Thibodeau wrote Billy Currington's chart-topper, 'Good Directions.'