Luke Bryan is gearing up to hit the road with Jason Aldean on the next leg of the Wide Open tour, beginning in September. And while he's enjoying every minute of life on the road with his buddy, Luke does dream of having his own name be the largest in lights some day. "I'd like to continue to grow my shows to where I'm headlining the large arenas," he tells The Boot. "It's all about setting it in motion and hopefully having it happen."

In the meantime, there are no complaints coming from Luke with the opportunities he has been blessed with so far in his career, which include opening for some of the biggest names in country music. "Everybody's been good to me," he says. "It's been great just watching how [other artists] operate and how the people working for them operate. I try to incorporate all of it into the way I do things. I try to watch and learn from those who have come before me and those who are the best at doing it. It's been amazing, the things I've been able to see and do and the people I've been able to associate with. I certainly enjoy that whole process, and I just try to make the most of it."

One tour mate in particular has taught Luke about working the crowds ... really big crowds. "Probably one of the most intimidating moments for me live was going out onstage with Kenny Chesney," Luke says with a big smile. "The first show I was out with him in Columbia, S.C. in front of about 65,000 people. That was pretty crazy."

So before he becomes a headliner himself, who is someone Luke would love to open for? "I'd certainly love the opportunity to get out and open for Keith Urban at some point or Lady Antebellum," Luke says. "I'd love to tour with them a bit and spend some time with them. I'd open up for anybody!"

And when it comes time to pick his own opening acts, Luke insists he won't discriminate. "I'm always going to allow the chance for people to be a part of my show no matter if their music is similar or different than mine," he says. "It allows them to be around a crowd they wouldn't necessarily get a chance to be around."

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