Luke Bryan doesn't take a break in between albums ... he takes a spring break. The country superstar is set to release his 'Spring Break 4 ... Suntan City' EP on March 6. It's the fourth in a series of four-song discs that celebrate beaches, bikinis, beer and everything else we love about a good vacation.

"I had a lot of songs that were just sitting in files at my publishing company, like 'Sorority Girls' and 'Time to Take My Drunk Ass Home,'" Luke explains of how he came up with the idea for the first 'Spring Break' EP. "I knew these were things that would never make my regular, long-playing album, but I felt like they were great songs that the public needed to hear. So we came up with a way to put fun party songs out."

The tracks on this latest project -- 'Suntan City,' 'Spring Breakup,' 'Little Bit Later On' and 'Shake the Sand' -- were all co-written by the Georgia native. You can catch Luke performing those songs and more during his annual Spring Break pilgrimage to Panama City, Fla., where he'll play shows on March 13th and 14th.

Go behind-the-scenes of Luke's 'Spring Break 4 ... Suntan City' in the video below, premiering exclusively on The Boot!

Go Behind the Scenes of Luke Bryan's 'Spring Break 4'

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Watch Our Day in the Life of Luke Bryan Video

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