With the addition of one-month old Tate to their budding family, Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have their hands full, especially with two-year-old Bo at home.

While Luke doesn't look or act as tired as he may feel at times, the Georgia native does say it's a bit tough with two little ones at home, especially for his wife. "It's different with two," Luke tells The Boot, "because once one's sleeping the other one isn't, and if you're trying to sleep when both of them are sleeping, they're never both sleeping. I get to go get on a bus, and my wife calls me and she's like [sounding mad], 'I know you've been sleeping all night,' and I have. It's really tough on her, so when I come home, I try to do what I can to relieve her. But then, heck, I'll go zonk out in the bed and wake up and she's over there feeding the baby. I'm not gonna take credit for being the perfect husband, but I do what I can and try to ease the [workload]. If I could just get Bo out sometimes and she can get Tate to sleeping, then she can get a little bit of rest."

So, how is big brother Bo taking to all the attention the new arrival is receiving? "Bo is doing great," the proud daddy says. "Bo will walk by and go to kiss [Tate] and kiss him all in his eyeball, not knowing any better. I'm like, 'Bo, top of the head, son. Top of the head.' But every time he walks by him, Bo gives a little kissing action."

The 'Rain Is a Good Thing' singer is truly enjoying the blessing of having two little future fishing buddies, as well. "That goes back to a whole other deal about how good life is. Nobody dreamed to have success in the music business as much as me, and nobody dreamed to have one boy as much as me, and so the fact that I have two boys, it's pretty cool stuff."

Being as young as he is, Bo is not as interested or focused in catching fish, as he is in other things that are laying around the boat. "Bo's like two-and-a-half and totally not the age to get in a boat and go fishing, but I drag him out there, and he dumps Doritos in the bottom of the boat and eats a fish hook and I dig it out."

Luke clarifies that Bo has not literally eaten a fish hook, he's just not as interested in fishing yet as his dad is. No doubt Bo and Tate will catch up to dad soon!