Luke BryanLuke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, are becoming stage parents, whether they're ready for it or not. Seems the couple's son Bo, who will be two on March 18, has discovered music and is fascinated by it.

"He's so into it and it's my fault," Luke tells The Boot. "I'm gonna put all the tools in front of all my kids -- whether it be sports, music, math or science, and let them choose their path. Bo has started to grab your finger and lead you to something, so everyday he grabs my finger and drags me straight to our piano and wants me to play. He came into the bathroom the other day, as we were getting ready to go to my No. 1 party, and he was walking around with this acoustic guitar that my parents gave me. He's absorbed with music and really loves it."

Bo's obviously fascinated by the stage as well, having made repeated visits there to join dad during the No. 1 party!

Bo's favorite song of his dad's is 'Drinking Beer and Wasting Bullets,' but he had never heard Luke perform it live. Caroline took Bo to rehearsals one day, and when they walked in, it just so happened that Luke and the band were doing the tune. "Caroline told me his heart was about to fly out of his chest when he heard us playing it, but he was catatonic," Luke says. "There was just too much coming at him all at one time, so he just shut down for a few seconds. When I walked up to them, she said, 'Luke, he doesn't know what to do right now.' But five minutes later he was onstage knocking over the mic stands! It's fun to see your children gravitate to music that much. Obviously we're putting things around him too, and it's a blast to see him on the side of the stage and have your family come out there on the road."

Luke's latest album, 'Wild Weekend -- Spring Edition,' will be released on March 2.