Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Luke Bryan may have a bit of competition in the future when it comes to awards and songs battling it out at the top of the charts. His oldest son, Bo, may be following in Daddy's footsteps. Luke is encouraging his son, who turns three in March, to follow whichever direction his dreams lead him, just like the 'Do I' singer's own parents did for him when he was growing up.

Luke, who grew up in the small town of Leesburg, Ga., always had his parents' approval when it came to his music. In fact, they bought him his first guitar at the age of 14, and by the next year, his father was driving him to a local club where he would trade guitar licks and lead vocals with other young singers.

Now it is Luke's turn to show that same support to his own children. Bo is not only mesmerized by his father on stage, but now he's starting to show interest in playing music, as well. "I've got a guitar that used to be pretty nice that Bo drags around the house," Luke says. "We've got the piano, and I sit down at the it and my fingers stick to the keys from popsicles! So, he has tons of music and guitars and stuff like that. My wife and I will be in one room and all of a sudden we'll hear Bo go sit down at the piano unsolicited. I just love it. It used to be a bunch of rattling and now I can hear him in there making some notes."

Luke, who is climbing the country charts with 'Someone Else Calling You Baby,' is currently on the road with Jason Aldean. Their next scheduled date is in Oklahoma City, Okla., Thursday, October 28. For a complete list of Luke Bryan tour dates, click here.