As a graduate of Georgia Southern University and a proud member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, Luke Bryan is well-acquainted with the party atmosphere traditions of spring break. So the big man on college campuses is gearing up for a raucous time in Panama City and Daytona Beach, Florida, with concert stops in both of those perennial spring-break destinations next week.

Bryan's Panama City show on March 10 coincides with the release of an iTunes-exclusive EP, 'Spring Break with All My Friends.' The collection features an acoustic version of the sing-along hit, 'All My Friends Say,' as well as two songs he wrote especially for fans in the college towns he routinely visits throughout the year: 'Take My Drunk Ass Home' and 'Sorority Girls.' Fans in Daytona Beach will likely hear all of these songs when Bryan stops there two days later.

In addition to the new music, a 'Spring Break With All My Friends' texting contest is now underway. The winning college town and the winning sorority with the most texts will receive 100 free tickets to Bryan's show.

"This is going to be the best time I think I've ever had on spring break – and I'm not even in school anymore!," says Bryan, who's soon to graduate from freshman to sophomore - his second album on Capitol Records is due later this spring.