Luke Bryan is one of the most entertaining live performers in country music today, but he played second fiddle on his own stage to an adorable little girl at a recent show in New Jersey.

Bryan was in the middle of his set at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, N.J. on Aug. 24 when he spotted a little girl in the crowd. Dressed in a cute little cowboy hat, boots and a plaid shirt, the girl wanted to come onstage, so the superstar lifted her up and brought her on -- much to the delight of the crowd.

He led her to center stage as he sang part of 'Someone Else Calling You Baby,' when to his surprise, as he knelt down to her, the little girl -- whose name was Kylee -- started singing along with him, prompting the singer to give the crowd a wide-eyed look of astonishment.

Kylee not only sang with Bryan, she danced along to his famous onstage moves, and the star was grinning from ear to ear as the happy crowd cheered along. She even pumped her fist along to the music, and when the song ended, he told the crowd, “Y’all give it up for Kylee!”

Bryan then knelt again to address Kylee directly, saying, “Can I sign you to a record deal tonight? Are you cool with that?”

The young singer responded, "Yeah!" Bryan then told the cheering fans, ”Kylee just got a record deal right here tonight. I have never seen a child do what she just did onstage.” He led the happy child back to her parents -- who owe her at least a night out at Red Robin after such an impressive performance.