Luke Bryan might sing about getting drunk night after night while on his Dirt Road Diaries tour, but he isn't about to act that out onstage. The Georgia native says that while he wants his fans to have a good time, he is there to do his job, and he doesn't want anything to interfere with that.

"It's pretty much impossible to drink," he admits to the Huffington Post. "People are like, 'Man, do you get drunk before you go out?' and I'm like, 'Well, do you get drunk before you go to the gym?' It's kind of counterproductive to get drunk, and that’s not very professional in my opinion."

While Bryan is often seen taking a sip onstage, he says people might be surprised by what's actually in his cup. "Well there’s water, and I keep a little Maker's on ice, and I keep some Maple Crown," he reveals. "You never know, really. Sometimes your allergies are acting up and a little bit of whiskey will clear your throat, and then some days water or hot tea is all you need. It's kind of like my little station."

Bryan, whose latest album 'Crash My Party,' debuted at the top of the charts, deserves some of the credit for the soaring popularity of country music. But while he has masterfully covered every style of music, from his tender 'Do I' ballad to his current rocking single, 'That's My Kind of Night,' the 37-year-old says it's his fans who deserve most of the credit.

"I think it's always dictated by the fans, and kind of the fans' drive, or what they’re loving," he explains. "I think there’s been somewhat of a change with our generation. You know, nobody grew up more countrier than me, but I mean, I had Beastie Boys playing on little boomboxes and Run–D.M.C. and all forms of music, so through the years, I just think it's all constantly blending together."

Bryan will continue his Dirt Road Diaries tour this weekend with two shows in New York and one in New Jersey. See all of his upcoming concerts here.