Luke Bryan has endured more personal pain than most people can imagine. The Georgia native tragically lost his brother, Chris, in a car accident in 1996, followed by the death of his sister in 2007.

The singer never spoke -- or sang -- much about his losses, until now. The video for his latest single, 'Drink a Beer,' consists of clips from his performance of the single at the recent CMA Awards, and honors their memory.

Bryan clearly pours his heart into the song, as he sings the emotionally poignant lyrics, like "So long my friend, until we meet again / I'll remember you / And all the times we used to / Sit right here on the edge of this pier / Watch the sunset disappear / And drink a beer."

Bryan performed on stage amidst a backdrop of trees and a foggy mist. At the end of the song, he raises a beer in tribute to his siblings, and ends the video with the words, "In memory of Chris & Kelly," as their photo appears on the screen.

The married father of two admits he still struggles with the pain of their passing. “I don’t like it,” he acknowledges. “I don’t like that my sons are missing that side of my family. But someone else is deciding things.”