Fresh off the release of Lucy Hale's debut single, 'You Sound Good to Me,' from her upcoming freshman album, the singer and actress has released the tune's accompanying video.

The video and the brand-new song were both released at midnight on Jan. 7, the same date as the winter premiere of her ABC Family show, 'Pretty Little Liars.' The actress premiered both the song and the video during the show.

The 24-year-old's acting chops are evident in the video, as she embarks on a road trip with a few of her friends. While the cross-country trek is far from perfect, including being plagued by car troubles, all is well in the end, with a nighttime outdoor party to cap off the story.

Hale is putting the finishing touches on her new record, which she says has given her a creative freedom she hasn't found in her TV career.

"The whole idea of this album — you know, it’s my first album," she explains to Taste of Country. "It’s the first time people are being introduced to Lucy, because a lot of people know me from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ or other acting work that I’ve done, but a lot of people don’t know me and the things that I’ve been through so far. We just wanted it to be a snapshot of where I’m at in life right now, and I think that we captured that. That’s the cool thing about music. You can literally write about anything. There is no right or wrong answer."

The Tennessee native received plenty of help in recording her freshman album. Singer-songwriter, and Sugarland member Kristian Bush helped Hale write songs for the new project.

“We’ve written a few songs together, and he’s really taken on the role of mentor and great friend,” she tells The Boot. “He’s given me some awesome advice, and I feel so lucky to have someone like him on my team. It’s been a lovely experience.”

Download 'You Sound Good to Me' here.