"I remember the music that was playing / The way we were singing right along, still know every word by heart / And I remember the feeling and the magic of the moment / The rhythm of that song, dancing underneath the stars / And I might forget some things we said and what we did / But when I think about the way it was back then, I remember the music"

Lucky Ned Pepper make their country radio debut with an upbeat, yet sentimental song about the soundtrack to a a relationship. "'I Remember the Music' was the first song we picked to be on the new album," says the duo's Josh Graham. "I just can't imagine finding a song that's more relatable. It really was inspiring to us, and in a lot of ways, it's the reason we're back making music again."

Josh and the other half of LNP, Rick Russell, were formerly with the Smokin' Armadillos until the band broke up in 2005. The two kept working together in the years that followed, never giving up on their musical dreams. They decided to name their duo Lucky Ned Pepper after Robert Duvall's character in the iconic Western film, "True Grit."

Listen to "I Remember the Music," written by Ashley Gorley and Wade Kirby, below.

Listen to 'I Remember the Music'