Lorrie Morgan faced a daunting task when she set out to record her new album, 'A Moment in Time.' In choosing which classics she would record for the disc, she found ultimately that she had to let someone else do the work!

"They were all my favorites, so it was very difficult to choose which songs would go on the record," the singer admits to The Boot. "The producer, Wally Wilson, and I listened to thousands of songs and every one I wanted to do. He finally told me, 'Lorrie you've got to narrow it down.' When I got to 25, I told him he had to pick the final 14."

Still, Lorrie was insistent that two songs be included on the project. "I knew I wanted to do [Patsy Cline's] 'Leavin' on Your Mind' for sure. I just love that melody and have never heard anything else like it. I also wanted to do a Tammy Wynette song, something that related to my life, and 'Til I Get It Right' is pretty damn close to my life!"

Among the tracks recorded by the 25-year Grand Ole Opry veteran are two duets. Raul Malo harmonizes with Lorrie on 'Easy Lovin'' and Tracy Lawrence joins her on 'After The Fire Is Gone."

"Raul is Wally's brother-in-law and when he asked me about having him on the album i was like, 'Yeah, have him pick one out.' Then one day we were recording and I looked up and there was this guy in the control room. It was Tracy Lawrence. He said, 'This sounds incredible,' and Wally asked him if he wanted to be on it. Tracy immediately answered, 'Hell, yeah' and so he picked the Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn song, 'After The Fire Is Gone.' So he and Raul came in the same day and we got them done."

Now that the recording is over, Lorrie doesn't have as much trouble choosing a favorite on the disc -- that honor goes to the Elvis Presley classic, 'Are You Lonesome Tonight.' "It just moved me, it was just so simple. Everybody said it felt great in the studio when we were cutting it. It was just one of those songs that when we were done, we were like, 'Wow!' It was a very chilling moment in the studio."

Other tunes on the 14-song disc include Roy Orbison's 'Crying,' Glen Campbell's 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix,' Faron Young's 'Wine Me Up' and Mel Street's 'Lovin' on Back Streets.'

While it was not her original intent, Lorrie realizes now that she may just be introducing these classic tunes to new fans, unfamiliar with the songs and the artists of an earlier era. "I didn't think [it] at the time, but I'm hoping that the young people will hear this album and say, 'Hey I didn't even know anyone named Mel Street existed.' They probably don't know the Mel Tillis song, or Brenda Lee. I just hope they'll listen and go, 'Wow, this is some great music, no wonder country music has been loved by so many for years'."

'A Moment in Time' will be in stores on Tuesday, Oct. 27.