Have you ever found yourself singing the wrong lyrics to a song? (Example: "long list of ex-lovers" could translate to "Starbucks lovers.") Fans of Logan Mize can now rest assured they're lyrically spot-on thanks to the lyric video for his party song 'Can't Get Away From a Good Time.' He is premiering the clip exclusively with The Boot.

The lyric video is bold, bright and entertaining, and the scenery in it is constantly changing. 'Can't Get Away From a Good Time''s lyrics feature a slew of vivid imagery, from the "wake behind my old bass boat" to "talkin' NASCAR and UFOs," and as the lyrics flash on the screen in big block lettering, the accompanying pictures (think of it as clip art at its finest) do the talking. A fishing boat glides across the screen, a four-leaf clover appears when Mize sings, "But it ain't luck man, it's just my life," and a fridge full of beer shows exactly how the singer is going to have a good time.

"We started writin’ it, and we were laughing hysterically the entire day," Mize says of the tune. "I think we wrote the song in an hour, but we sat around for another three to four hours and came up with alternate verses for the song that will never make the radio edit."

Mize already debuted an official music video for the song, and it's vivid proof that he knows how to throw a great party -- one that includes lots of bikini-topped women, hula-hooping, tree houses, barbecue and more. The lyric video is a more literal approach to the upbeat song, but it's just as fun.

'Can’t Get Away from a Good Time’ is available for download from iTunes and Amazon.