When you want something bad enough, you have to put up a fight, and Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of country duo LoCash put up their proverbial fists for a few of the songs off of their new EP, I Love This Life.

Brust and Lucas have already shared the story of how they almost lost out on the EP's first single, its title track, to an A-list artist, but "I Love This Life" wasn't the only tune that nearly went to someone else. "I Know Somebody," written by Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover and Ross Copperman, was also wanted by another artist.

"It's very rare that we cut outside material ... so for us to want somebody's outside song like that, that bad, that meant we were going to fight for it a little bit," Brust tells The Boot.

Adds Lucas, "We didn't have to put up much of a fight" -- the song's publisher sided with LoCash because they had already cut the song -- "but we were working out!"

Another song in contention was "Shipwrecked," which LoCash say was wanted by "a big artist."

"I couldn't have kicked that guy's butt, either!" Lucas says with a laugh.

Since Brust was one of the co-writers on "Shipwrecked" and Lucas was not, it was Brust's decision to make -- and he says that he only had 30 seconds to decide. To him, keeping the tune for himself came down to one thing: his belief in LoCash's record label.

"If I didn't believe in Reviver Records' radio team, that other artist would have gotten that song ... but for the first time in my life, in our career, I believe in the team that we have around us, and it was like, 'No,'" Brust recalls.

Lucas adds, ""Shipwrecked" is a smash that's going to be one of the signature songs for LoCash."

LoCash are planning to push "I Love This Life" as far as they can -- the song is in the Top 20 on both the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts -- and then they will follow it up with another single in early 2016. They have a few tracks in mind off of the EP, and as for future music, they're confident in the songs that they've already penned but the public has not heard.

"[We] have a catalog that goes for years," Lucas says, "and I believe there are some diamonds in that catalog. We just have to go back and sift through it."

LoCash's hits for other artists include Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah" and Keith Urban's "You Gonna Fly," among others. And though it feels good to have top-notch artists wanting their songs, Lucas points out, "... At some point, you have to start looking out for yourself."

I Love This Life is available for download on iTunes.

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