LoCash's third studio album, The Fighters, features 11 tracks, including "Ain't Startin' Tonight." The song itself is not new -- the duo's Preston Brust and and Chris Lucas have been playing the track in concert for quite some time, and they also put the tune on their I Love This Life EP -- but the two felt that the song was important enough to add onto their 2016 record.

Below, Brust and Lucas tell The Boot about the origins of "Ain't Startin' Tonight."

Preston Brust: Well, the song was written by Jaron Boyer, Michael Tyler and me, and I guess we wrote it -- I don’t even remember how long ago we wrote it, a long time ago. But I took the song to Chris and -- do you remember how ...?

Chris Lucas: I remember it was very poppy at the time when it was delivered to me, when you played it. So, you know, we weren’t in the right -- it wasn’t the right timing when he played it for me. I loved it -- I was like, "Oh man, this is a really good song, I just don’t know if it’s LoCash yet" -- and about a year later, we revisited the song, and I remember telling Preston, I said, “Dude, what was that song you played me? Michael Tyler was singing it, and we absolutely loved it,” and he said, “Oh, that's "Ain't Startin' Tonight," and we heard it again and were like, "Alright, it’s a no-brainer; it goes on this album."

Brust: I remember when we were sittin' around writing the song that day, we were just talking about how there are so many songs that girls put out about, you know, I'm getting over my guy, and, you know ... it’s never that nice; they’re always taking a Louisville slugger to your car ... But I just remember the three of us were just sittin' around kind of laughing that there's not really any songs from the guy’s perspective when he gets hurt by a girl. And guys have feelings, too.

And we were, like, kind of sitting around talking about that, and we were kind of like, "Well, what does a guy feel like when he goes out, and he’s sitting there and finds out the girl that he broke up with, or she broke up with him, or they ended their relationship, is in the same bar with him or in the same place, and he’s got to see her for the first time, and he’s got to play it off somehow?" And that's not easy for us either. And so we were like, "Okay, let’s help him out, you know? 'I ain’t never cried a tear in my beer in my whole life, and I’m not starting tonight over this girl.'"

And so, it’s just kind of tongue-in-cheek -- just kinda like, let’s just toughen up, let’s not be too mean, but let’s ... just, there’s no girl-bashing in it or anything like that.

Lucas: Obviously we can’t live without our women -- we love 'em, love the women -- and the cool thing is that girls come up to us, too, and they’ll be like, "I love that song, "Ain't Startin' Tonight,”" so I think we hit it, like, perfect for anybody that’s really had a broken heart, in a nice, polite way.

Brust: ["Ain't Startin' Tonight"] was produced by Lindsay Rimes; he produced our whole album, and he just took it to a whole new level. It’s so awesome, and he’s really great at delivering the attitude and the "LoCash sound" that we’ve been looking for our whole career, and we pretty much just delivered the song to him, and he just got it right away; he said, “Oh, I'm all over this.” So that’s the other ingredient.