A man who claims to be related to Elvis Presley has been caught also claiming to be Little Jimmy Dickens and Stonewall Jackson, allegedly opening credit cards in the Grand Ole Opry legends' names.

Johnny Lee Presley, who also goes by Alvin Roiland, was arrested last week in Murfreesboro, Tenn. According to Nashville's NewsChannel 5, the 59-year-old culprit was found with several drivers' licenses with different names and different looks in each photo. Detectives tell the news station that Presley had just enough information on several people to be able to get credit cards in their names. He then had the cards shipped to various P.O. Boxes in Hendersonville, Tenn.

"I couldn't believe that someone would do a thing like that," the 91-year-old Dickens tells NewsChannel 5. "Regardless of how smart he thinks he is there are a few people smarter than him. That's a proven fact."

Presley claims to be in the music business, and police fear he may have stolen several more singers' identities, particularly Grand Ole Opry stars. The reason the singers don't know their money is being stolen is that it comes from accounts of which they're not aware.

Presley is currently behind bars facing charges of I.D. theft and fraudulent use of a credit card in the Jackson case. Additional charges in the Dickens case are pending. The suspect is set to appear in court Nov. 7.

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