Little Big Town had a memorable 2013. The quartet -- made up of Kimberly Schlapman, Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet -- earned a collection of awards, including a CMA Award, ACM Award and Grammy, all for their 2012 platinum-selling album, 'Tornado.'

But while the foursome are reveling in their achievements and accolades, they admit that it makes the process of working on the record's follow-up more of a challenge.

"There's more pressure, but there's more confidence, too," Schlapman tells CMT. "Because we did have a very successful record, so we know we can do it, but there's pressure to do that again."

The band say that they feel a personal devotion to their fans to continue to deliver the best finished project that they can.

"It's our responsibility to write the songs and make good records and be connected to our fans," Fairchild adds. "That's our sole responsibility. But then you have to hand over your music to all these people you trust. There is a massive group behind us, and they are so gracious. The stars have to align, and the fans have to deem it worthy."

Famed producer Jay Joyce -- whose eclectic list of credits includes Eric Church, Patty Griffin, the Wallflowers and Cage the Elephant -- produced 'Tornado,' and is taking over their upcoming record as well.

"People don't realize that when you walk by a shelf at Target or Walmart and see a CD on the rack -- or you go on iTunes and click through the hundreds of artists who've made records -- what it takes to do that," Fairchild notes. "There are so many people who make that happen and get that music out."

Little Big Town, whose last single, 'Sober,' landed in the Top 30, will release the debut single from the upcoming album, 'Day Drinking' in the near future.

"It kind of led the way on the record," Fairchild explains. "You've got to find one or two pieces that feel like, 'Ah, this is worthy of building this whole record around.'"

The group will have to juggle working on their new album with time on the road. They will play in Ontario, Canada Friday night (Jan. 24), and then perform in New York and Tennessee next week. They will also head to Los Angeles this weekend, where they are nominated for another Grammy award for Best Country/Duo Group Performance for their single, 'Your Side of the Bed.' See their upcoming shows here.