Levi JohnstonHe's currently best known as the hockey-playing father of Sarah Palin's grandson, but Levi Johnston will soon reveal all in the pages of Playgirl magazine (literally and figuratively). And what might the cheeky 19-year-old do for an encore? Why, country music, of course.

"I've always been a fan of Kenny Chesney and all of them," Levi tells New York magazine (via Access Hollywood). "They're all great and I give them all props."

Levi also promises, "In the next three months, you're going to be really excited about my career. I think my career is going to really take off and give me that big start. I've had offers to do movies, but I am not going to do anything until I do a couple of classes in LA."

No word on whether Levi is taking singing lessons, too -- or solicited Kenny for advice -- but the enterprising Alaskan insists of his musical aspirations, "I've come a long way and I've worked hard for it."

We'll wait to hear him sing before deciding if he, uh, measures up.