Lee Brice never knows when inspiration for a new song will strike, or what will prompt a musical flash of genius.

"It changes every day," Brice tells The Boot. "[My wife Sara's] a huge part, especially in "I Don’t Dance." But, you know, I’ve learned over the years that the skill is to kind of put yourself in the mood and not wait for the mood to come to you. That takes a while to do. So it’s kind of a process that you work on."

In addition to penning songs for himself, the 36-year-old has also written hits for other artists, including Garth Brooks' "More Than a Memory," "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band and Jerrod Niemann's "Only God Could Love You More," among others. But even with all of his success, Brice says that it still mostly comes down to hard work.

"You just don’t write a hit song necessarily overnight," he acknowledges. "It takes time and work, and that’s what I tell a lot of people who come to town. You tell ‘em, don’t just pass through the city. You’ve gotta meet people, you’ve gotta work. You’ve gotta write songs. You’ve gotta go through the process."

In early February, Brice will be hitting the road with Tyler Farr, on their joint Life Off My Years Tour. More information is available on Brice’s website.

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