Lee Brice has revealed the details for his upcoming third studio album.

The singer-songwriter will release 'I Don't Dance' in September. The album's title track and lead single, for which Brice has already released a video, is the literal truth.

“I’m a terrible dancer,” Brice admits to Rolling Stone Country. “I remember a fifth grade dance where they were picking out kids to come dance on stage. This was when MC Hammer was popular, and I thought, ‘I can do that.’ So I got up there and did the MC Hammer, and I looked so stupid!”

However, he's willing to suspend his 'I Don't Dance' rule for one person -- his wife, Sara.

”Sara is an amazing dancer. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen," he adds. "And when she says, ‘Baby, let’s dance,’ it’s so intimidating. But just for her, I’ll do it."

The album takes a slightly different direction from Brice's last project, 'Hard 2 Love,' which he released in 2012. That album includes the hit singles 'A Woman Like You' and 'I Drive Your Truck.' Brice says his upcoming project reveals his unwillingness to "dance in the box of Nashville," mingling his familiar style with both some older textures and new elements.

”One thing I tried to do on this record is a lot of classic sounds," he states. "I love putting classic steel guitar with a classic banjo — all those sounds meshed with new sounds I created in my head.”

'I Don't Dance' is set for release on Sept. 9.