Lee Brice is returning to his spiritual roots. The singer, who grew up listening to his family members sing gospel songs, is recording a gospel record in honor of his heritage.

"My mom and all her sisters sang gospel music my whole life, and they're amazing. They made a record in Nashville," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "I'm going to send a tour bus to pick them all up in South Carolina in July and bring them here to my house, and I'm going to make a new record on them. We're going to sing classic gospel songs and have them sing in the background. I cannot wait."

The 35-year-old says he is always thinking about his next project, and hints he may deviate from his usual output again in the future.

"I can't wait to get to the next [album]," he says. "Maybe I'll make a record that's all acoustic one day."

For now, though, Brice's mind is on 'I Don't Dance,' which will be released on Sept. 9.

”One thing I tried to do on this record is a lot of classic sounds,” he explains. “I love putting classic steel guitar with a classic banjo -- all those sounds meshed with new sounds I created in my head.”

The album's debut single, which is also the title track, is in the Top 10 and climbing. Download the single here.