Lee Brice and his wife, Sara, are expecting their second child. The 'I Drive Your Truck' singer announced the couple's good news via social media on Wednesday night (Sept. 25).

The couple married this past April after a long road to the altar. They first met more than a dozen years ago, when Brice was 18 years old. The two dated, then saw other people while in college, and eventually lost touch. But when Brice was in Ohio on a radio tour a few years ago, they rekindled their romance, and then Sara became pregnant. The couple's first son, Takoda, is four years old.

"We didn’t get married right away because we didn’t want to do that just because we had a baby," Brice told The Boot in 2011. "If we got married, we wanted to do it for the right reasons. She’s just an awesome person and a wonderful girl.”

The happy couple have settled into family bliss. Brice also posted several pictures of pregnant Sara and Takoda together. It is unclear when the new addition to the family is due, but a baby's gender is usually not identified until after 17 weeks.