She became a household name with the 2000 pop and country smash, 'I Hope You Dance,' but that doesn't mean Lee Ann Womack doesn't occasionally encounter those who have trouble with the way her first name is spelled.

"I let it go," Lee Ann tells the Souix City Journal, "except if I get anything from a record producer with my name misspelled, I send it back and tell them to send it to me when they can spell my name right."

Lee Ann, 43 and the mother of two young daughters, also has strong feelings about not only today's seemingly more youth-oriented country music scene but also her perception that society puts youth -- and not just celebrity youth -- on a pedestal.

"People cater to their kids much more today and sometimes the kids are running the households instead of the parents," she says. "It may be a part of our society today, but it's not necessarily a good part."

She does acknowledge, however, that young artists "can sing about other things besides cheating, lost love and a broken-down truck."

Lee Ann also reveals that in her own youth, as an up-and-coming country singer, she had a few misconceptions about stardom. "I thought once I had a record deal, everything would be done for me," she says. "I was weeding the flower bed last week and I never saw myself doing that or cleaning the house or doing dishes."

Lee Ann recently shared those thoughts with friend and fellow artist Amy Grant. "I told her I love to clean the house and she said, 'Of course you do. That's because you don't have to do it all the time!'" she says with a laugh.

No release date has been announced for Lee Ann's upcoming album.

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