LeAnn Rimes has settled into domestic bliss with her husband, two stepsons and a bunch of dogs. But in a new interview, the singer says having a child of her own would balance out the family.

"Testosterone is all around here, so I need a little girl!" the 30-year-old singer exclaims to People. She admits that with her new album, 'Spitfire,' having just been released, the timing might be tricky. "We have a lot on our plates," she says. "But whenever I talk about kids, I'm like, 'Let's have one!' I have a lot of work to do now but I'm totally ready if it happens."

Rimes says it took her mother 12 years of trying to get pregnant with her, adding that if she experiences a similar problem, she'd consider a surrogate or adoption. But she feels secure enough in her relationship with her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, to want to take that step and have a child together.

That wasn't always the case. The couple weathered a firestorm of controversy when they got together after engaging in a highly-publicized affair while each of them were still married to their former spouses. "I felt like my life was falling apart," Rimes confesses. "But now I feel settled. I'm proud of our great family. Eddie is an amazing father and I love my stepsons."