It's no secret that LeAnn Rimes has gone through a great deal of very public turmoil in recent years. In a new interview, the singer says she's moved forward from the drama surrounding her affair, divorce and re-marriage, and that it's time for the public to do the same.

"I think it's kind of interesting how country music is about 'real life,' but there are people who don't [want] me to live it," Rimes tells Rolling Stone. "Within real life you make mistakes. And you know, you own up to them and move on. And that's the greatest thing -- we've all moved on. And it's time for other people to move on. But it seems now to be this story, almost this soap opera, that people are invested in. They love the drama of it. Which is insane to me."

Rimes' new album, 'Spitfire,' draws many of its themes from the turbulence she's experienced in the last few years. Though it opened to disappointing sales figures, many critics are hailing it as one of the best country albums of the year. She says her turmoil forced her to take a more personal hand in the writing process.

"When you listen to 'Spitfire,' I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. It's just the truth," she states. "I say it's the truth in no particular order, 'cause it is. And I feel like so many people have written such a skewed's also very skewed to paint a picture of myself and my husband that's completely opposite of what we really are. So I think through my music I was able to finally have a voice in my own life. And I think that when you listen to this record you take a piece of me away, 'cause it's that personal."

She adds with a laugh, "My life is one big country song."