LeAnn Rimes turned to police for help on Thursday (Feb. 4), after she was harassed by a homeless fan.

According to aceshowbiz.com, the fan -- nicknamed 'Queen on the Scene' -- got a little too close for comfort as the 27-year-old singer was leaving a doctor's office in Beverly Hills, Calif. LeAnn was snapped holding her arms up in front of her face while trying to fend off the "superfan," telling her to "get out of the way."

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department came to LeAnn's aid, arresting the woman for "aggressive solicitation," and forcing her to leave her baby stroller full of possessions on the sidewalk.

According to reports on TMZ, the homeless woman was also wanted for failing to appear in court on three separate occasions. She was taken into custody and booked. The woman earned the nickname, 'Queen of the Scene,' after helping stars through the throngs of paparazzi on the streets of Los Angeles. Reportedly, she is often photographed with celebrities.

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