She made a successful run up to a second-place finish during this season's 'American Idol,' but a nasty tumble she took during a concert in Oregon has Lauren Alaina sporting a boot cast and walking with crutches. The mishap occurred during the young singer's segment on the American Idols Live tour now crossing the country.

"I open up the second half of the show," Lauren tells Country Weekly. "I wanted to try on a new outfit, which was this short dress and really high heels. I was pretty nervous about performing in the high heels, so I decided to practice before the show by walking down some stairs at the venue. Well, the stairs weren't really even, and I ended up falling and spraining my ankle and hitting my head."

The result was a third-degree sprain, meaning the 16-year-old is forced to use crutches and is under doctor's orders to wear a cast for about two weeks. "I'm stubborn, so I'll probably only wear it a week," she confesses. "It's really hard to perform in it."

Lauren reveals that she's trying to make the best of having to wear the boot by adding some personal touches to it. "I've put little diamonds all over it," she notes.

On Sunday (July 10), Lauren posted a frowning photo of herself in the boot and on crutches, with the tweet, "Good news &. Bad news. It's not broken but I have a third degree sprain and I have a boot and crutches!"

The show is most definitely going on for Lauren and the other finalists, yet all of this reminds us what the singer told The Boot about her "personal Idol" Shania Twain recently. "All of her music is really fun, and that's the kind of music I like -- music that people can dance to."

You'll recall that Shania took her own high-profile spill during the CMT Music Awards telecast early last month. Coincidence?

Our best wishes to Lauren for a speedy recovery! The American Idols Live tour hits Los Angeles on Friday (July 15).

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