Christmas has come early to Cooter County, the fictional place where Laura Bell Bundy houses all of her hilarious characters, including the trumpet-playing strumpet, Justice Goode, and seven-year-old Claudia Cooter, who performs her own version of 'Old McDonald Had a Farm.'

Prior to 'American Idol' and 'So You Think You Can Dance,' apparently 'Nativity Idol' preceded all of the talent competition reality shows. Held at Cooter County Holy Cross Church, the auditions feature many familiar faces. Dierks Bentley, also known as Jerks Gentley, brings his best friend, Jake, to his audition and explains that the two are part of a competitive canine-human dance troupe. Their big finish is a twirl with a dip-down, which they demonstrate quite gracefully. Steel Magnolia's Joshua Scott Jones plays Luiz Navidad. Hair slicked back with moves that would make your grandmother blush, he reveals his internal Latin dancer, while his duo partner, Meghan Linsey, portrays Crystal Ball, auditioning for the role of Mary by singing a soulful rendition of 'Joy to the World.' Trailer Choir's big guy Vinny, as Trailor Swift, also reveals some interpretive dancing, as well. The Muzik Mafia's Two-Foot Fred auditions for the role of not only 'Baby Jesus,' but 'Big Jesus,' as well, in the annual Nativity play.

Check out Part 1 of 'Nativity Idol' below.