Country singer and actress Laura Bell Bundy raised a few eyebrows in country music circles when she accepted a role on Charlie Sheen's sitcom, 'Anger Management,' but in a new interview, she says her co-star is misunderstood.

Sheen has made headlines in recent years for a series of public battles, first with producers of 'Two and a Half Men' -- which resulted in his ouster from the show -- and then with former 'Anger Management' co-star Selma Blair, who was subsequently dismissed.

"One of the things that has gotten him in trouble but probably the most endearing thing about him is he is the most honest person I have ever met," Bell tells Fox News, "and when someone is that honest they’re going to piss somebody off."

As for working with the sometimes hot-headed star, "He is a professional. He really cares about the show," she maintains. "He cares about his work. He’s a really great actor, and for multi-camera format his comedic timing, it’s dead on."

Bundy has just released a new single, 'That's What Angels Do.'

"The message of the song is basically that there are people that show up in your life to do incredible things for you out of kindness, and they’re like angels," she says. "Angels are not necessarily people who are no longer living or spiritual beings but they’re actually ordinary, everyday people."