Larry Gatlin has spent most of his adult life in the spotlight, but he insists his fame isn't an excuse for being unkind. The singer is reaching out to a fan who he says accused him of treating her poorly at one of his recent shows.


"I got a letter last night at the Starlite Theater here in Branson," he says in a Facebook post. "A lady was complaining, and said during the picture-taking and the autographs and everything, that I was rude to her. Well, guess what? I was. She wrote this letter, said it hurt her feelings, and it should have hurt her feelings. You know, those of us that are moderately famous or whatever, we never apologize until we get caught. I knew I should have apologized right then, but she walked off and was leaving."

Gatlin, who says he doesn't even know her name, adds that he was suffering from a bad cold, which could have contributed to his behavior, but is by no means an excuse.

"I'm going to make an effort, redouble my efforts -- I want to treat people the way the people at Waffle House treat me every time I go in there and get a Fiesta omelet .... Wherever you are out in the universe, ma'am, you're right. I was wrong. I'm really sorry."

The 66-year-old will have plenty of opportunities to practice being kind. He's currently spending much of his time on the road with his group, the Gatlin Brothers, including shows in Kentucky, Louisiana and Colorado. See all of their upcoming shows here.