Larissia Murphy is releasing a whimsical and infectious track, “No Town,” and she's giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first listen.

From the very first note, Murphy draws listeners in with her unique vocals and the vintage throwback style of "No Town." The song chronicles the perks and drawbacks of living in a small town -- and for some listeners, it may even evoke comparisons to Kacey Musgraves' "Merry Go 'Round" or "This Town."

"My town is a dry town / Black-and-white town / It's a sleepy little hollow, yeah," Murphy sings in the first verse. "But my town ain't a slow town / It's a no town."

And, of course, like any small town, "It's a quiet place with lots of secrets / Best to keep it to yourself / 'Cause it ain't hard to get the lowdown / Gossip goes 'round in a no town."

However, despite its drawbacks, Murphy also paints a picture of a sweet creek, churches, hills, lights in windowsills and the simpler aspects of life.

Murphy, a native of East Kentucky, is fiercely devoted to traditional country music, as showcased in "No Town."

"I have a deep well-spring and appreciation for traditional country music, and it's inherent to who I am as an artist," she explains. "I didn’t turn on the radio when I was 20 and think, 'Oh, that’s cool. Maybe I’ll try that.' I was born into it. I’m steeped in tradition, but I’m a 21st century girl. That’s all true. It’s all in there."

Murphy's debut record, Speak Your Mind, features songs co-written with Sarah Buxton (Keith Urban, Trisha Yearwood), Jeff Crow (Sturgill Simpson, Radney Foster) and Daniel Tashian (Lee Ann Womack, Patty Griffin); it was produced by five-time Grammy Award-winning producer Ray Kennedy. Though Murphy is just now releasing her debut album, she's been in Nashville for a decade. Throughout the years, she's worked through some personal fears and learned to own who she is as an artist.

"For a long time, I didn't really feel like there was a place for me in country music. I felt disconnected from what I was hearing on the radio. I never really felt encouraged to be myself or put out the kind of music that I loved," Murphy admits. "But after working with Ray, I just knew it was time to finally put my fears away and go for it.

"It hasn’t always been easy, but what would there be to write and sing about if it was?" she continues. "I used to feel bad that I wasn’t one of those people who moved to Nashville and just headed straight out of the gates to success. I don’t feel that way anymore. I’ve had some sharp edges knocked off of me over the years ... I think that’s a good thing.

"It took me a while to stand on my feet as an artist," Murphy adds. "You've got to be brazen and bold to be in this industry. As they say, 'It takes what it takes.' And I feel like I’m right on time."

Speak Your Mind is scheduled for release on Nov. 20 via Bego Music.

Listen to Larissia Murphy, "No Town":

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