Lady Antebellum will debut their latest single, 'Bartender,' during the 'American Idol' finale on Wednesday (May 21).

The song, which is the first single from their upcoming album, is an uptempo tune about a woman who plans a night out to get over her broken heart.

“I think it’s always cool when you can capture what feels like a fun track where the lyrics are a little darker,” Charles Kelley says. “You really listen to the lyrics. It’s definitely a head-bobber, but then you kind of listen and you’re like, ‘Man, this girl is talking about literally drinking the pain away.’ I think those songs are cool when you can have that juxtaposition.”

“As a female, I love the fact that it’s not this song about her [saying], ‘My heart's been broken, it’s so sad, he did me wrong.’ It’s not about going and rebounding with some other guy,” Hillary Scott adds. “She’s just going out with her friends and having a night to forget about what this dude just did to her. I love that as a woman, kind of taking the reins in a situation and getting over it in a fun way.”

The 'American Idol' finale will air  Wednesday at 8PM ET on Fox.

The trio will also perform on Friday (May 23) in New York City, on the set of 'Good Morning America,' to kick off the show's Summer Concert Series. Their Take Me Downtown Tour heads to Ohio, New York and California over the next few weeks. See a list of all of their upcoming shows here.

Download 'Bartender' here.