Lady AntebellumLady Antebellum's chart-topping album, 'Need You Now,' looks at love from both sides of the spectrum ... And if the subject matter seems to range from romantic ecstasy to downright heartbreak and pain, that's exactly what the trio was going for, according to Charles Kelley.

Charles says that while he was in newly-wedded bliss, the group's Hillary Scott was experiencing the opposite end of the emotional scale, which added a lot to the album. "I just got married ... I was definitely feeling in that romantic place. But people don't want to hear a whole record about that. We don't either," Charles tells the Toronto Sun. "And at the same time, Hillary was going through a lot of stuff. That's where 'Ready to Love Again' and some of the other songs about having to pick yourself back up came from. So we ended up with a balanced record."

In her own defense, though, Hillary tells The Boot that it's not as bad as all that. "We don't want people thinking I'm really going through a rough time with all the heartbreak songs!" she says with a laugh. "I'm not bi-polar!"

"Hillary writes a lot of depressing songs, and she's the sweetest, most happy person I've ever met," adds Charles. He tells the Sun this year will be a big building year for the band, as they ratchet up their production a notch and take steps towards going out on their own as a headlining act.