"Flight to NYC: $400, lunch at Carnegie Deli: $25...meeting the creator of 'Jersey Shore': PRICELESS!!!!"

That's what Lady Antebellum had to say via Twitter on March 8, after group members Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood had the opportunity to meet MTV's Anthony Beltempo, the creator of the wildly popular reality series 'Jersey Shore,' while they were in New York City doing a round of television appearances. Obviously the trio was thrilled to make Tony's acquaintance.

Asked why they like the show so much, Charles tells The Boot, "I don't know, it's just that we like good reality TV. You've got to become addicted to something so you'll have something to talk about."

Hillary comes up with a more detailed analysis. "The brilliance of reality TV is you get to escape [your reality] for a while. The people who are on 'Jersey Shore' live just this crazy vacation; it's like spring break every single day. I mean it's hysterical. Their personalities are hysterical. I love that they own who they are.

"I wear a Bumpit now," she teases, referring to the "volumnizing" product available via television commercials to help women give a 'lift' to their hairstyles. One of the shows stars, Snooki -- aka Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- told Jay Leno on 'The Jay Leno Show' that she doesn't wear Bumpits and thinks they should be banned. Of course, Snooki also thinks every household should own a tanning bed, which Charles and Dave are quick to pick up on.

"How can you not love Snooki?" Charles asks, adding, "Dave and I both love gym, tanning, laundry!," a reference to the daily requirements of all the men on 'Jersey Shore' -- they must go to the gym, hit the tanning beds and do their laundry every day in order to fulfill their roles as "guidos."

Lady A will have more 'Shore' to enjoy, MTV announced the show would return in a new location for 2010, with 12 episodes to be filmed in Miami Beach, Fla., scheduled to air this summer. Perhaps by then one of the trio's tunes will be fashioned into the perfect fist-pumping anthem -- another "guido" trademark when the men are dancing in clubs.

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