For the past couple of years, Lady Antebellum have been showered with No. 1 singles and albums, Grammys, CMA and ACM awards. They've been overwhelmed by their ever-exploding success. But there was one instant group member Charles Kelley can actually pinpoint when it hit him. When he knew they'd made it!

"I had a moment -- a real special moment -- just personally," Charles tells CMT. "We were leaving the 'Oprah' show and had to get back into town for one of the Tim McGraw shows. And so Capitol (their record label) was nice enough to charter up a private plane for us to get back.

"We're all in there, and I'm in the back and I've got my headphones on. Some kind of song came on and I was looking out the window ... and I had my little drink there on a private plane ... and I just had this moment. I was like, 'This is wild.' I mean, it's one of those moments where I thought, 'It's happening. It's happened.'

Apparently, it hit Hillary Scott in one of her quiet moments as well.

"It sounds weird to say this, but you can't really process the big moments when you're at 'Oprah,'" she explains. "You're there, and she's next to you, and you're talking to her ... but it doesn't really hit you.

"But It's in those quiet moments -- like when you're on a plane or you're at home having dinner with your family. Because so much of what we do is just constant moving. So whenever you have a chance to stop moving ... it's like, 'Oh, OK ...yeah, this really has all happened. We're not just dreaming it."

But they are dreaming of creating more of the same, while at the same time, appreciating the enormity of what's happening to them in this very real moment in time.

"It's a dream of everybody's to try to make it," says Dave Haywood. "We never thought it would happen within a few short years. There are a lot of people who work even longer than we have, and we understand that and don't take it lightly. Again, we just feel very humble that all these things have come our way. The three of us keep each other grounded and we have fun together, and we're all really great friends at the end of the day. And if we can keep writing songs for years to come, we'll be happy."

Lady Antebellum will kick off the U.S. leg of the Southern Voice tour with Tim McGraw in Tulsa, Okla. April 8, following a string of dates in Canada, beginning March 25 in Vancouver, B.C.

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