It looks like Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott is about to be part of a different traveling trio.

Now that she's having a baby, Scott and her husband, drummer Chris Tyrrell, have decided that they will travel separately from Scott's bandmates when they resume touring after the birth of the couple's child.

"It will be a traveling road family," Scott tells the Tennessean. "We're already a family, and this is the first little addition."

Though she admits she's "kind of sad" about not traveling with Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood anymore, the band members feel the changes that are coming will be positive.

"It's exciting to walk through life and grow closer with the people you also get to work with," says Haywood. "It's been fun to look at the chapters. Eight years ago when we first met, [we were all] running around crazy and single and just trying to make music. Then, we start to get settled and tour a bunch, and then it gets crazy, and now there's an addition to the family."

The trio is still touring to promote their recently released third album, 'Golden,' which has already launched a No. 1 hit, 'Downtown.' The second single from the album is the current 'Goodbye Town.' The group will appear at the Taste of Country Music Festival later in June before knocking off so Scott can prepare for her baby, which is due in July. She plans to take "about as much time off as someone takes in a normal job" for maternity leave, after which the band will resume their schedule with baby on board.

"I feel like these moments have brought us closer together instead of driving us apart," Haywood reflects. "It's an honor to be able to be part of a group that's like that."