Lady Antebellum are revealing a few details about the tune 'Down South,' from their upcoming '747' album. The song, which was fortuitously found at the bottom of a pile when they were picking tracks for the record, quickly became one of their favorite songs off the project.

"I fell in love with the song, and the track, and the guitars and the vocals, and the message," Dave Haywood recalls, though he was unaware that the co-writer and demo singer was none other than Stephanie Chapman, the wife of the trio's longtime producer, Nathan Chapman.

"We gave it a lot more energy than what the demo had," Charles Kelley explains of their version. "The demo was a lot more 'American Honey,' and we gave it a little bit more of a rawness and an edge to it. It's not just about down south. It's about yearning for home, yearning for that familiarity of what you're used to and what you grew up with."

With lines like, "Religion and me don't always agree, but I sure love my Maker / Sounds just like a gospel song, when I sing my little prayer," the trio acknowledge the tune could be another career song.

"That second verse is one of my favorite verses in a song that I've heard in a really, really long time," Hillary Scott adds. "I feel like we found the golden ticket with that song."

'747' will be released on Sept. 30, and the date can't come quick enough for the threesome.

"We are pushing ourselves as a band and as songwriters … taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and not taking ourselves too seriously," Scott says. "There’s an urgency and an energy to it that we’ve never released before.”

“We had the opportunity to write with some new songwriters and really dig for outside songs that were songs we wish we’d written,” Haywood adds. “As we took them into the studio, we changed our approach and challenged ourselves to try some new things that were outside of what we’d done before.”

'747' will be available on Amazon and iTunes.