Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum proudly sat at the keyboard during Sunday's night's Grammy awards telecast, playing and singing the band's latest hit, 'Need You Now.' But his mother Angie and father Van recall a time when the young artist wasn't so eager to tickle the ivories -- let alone in front of a global viewing audience!

Angie Haywood says Dave really didn't take to the instrument at first, so she's glad it finally stuck. "I really don't think there was a child who disliked taking piano lessons more than Dave did," Angie tells WJBF.com. "So, do you know how good it feels when I see him up there onstage playing the piano?"

Back home in Augusta, S.C., the Haywoods have been thrilled with Lady A's success, and say the past week has been more exciting than they could possibly imagine. "They released their album, then they were on the 'Ellen [DeGeneres]' show, playing the new single release on that, and then the Grammys come on. So every time you walk by and see your son on TV, and the group singing, it's just surreal!"

Dave's parents now have one more accolade to celebrate, as well: the band's latest album, 'Need You Now,' debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling more than 480,000 copies in its first week!