Krystal Keith’s debut album, ‘Whiskey & Lace,’ is set for release later this year, and now she's revealed the details.

Produced by Keith’s father, Toby Keith, and Mark Wright, the album has provided the artist with two successful songs -- the recently-released single ‘Get Your Redneck On’ is currently on the radio, and Keith’s song ‘Daddy Dance with Me’ became an internet sensation after she surprised her dad with the song at her wedding.

Although fans have only had a chance to hear a couple of tracks from the upcoming album, Keith says that the range of songs provides a little something for everyone.

“We picked songs that gave a broader range of what I can do … and I think we accomplished it,” Keith told The Boot earlier this year. “I’ve had some people say, ‘Wow, the range of songs that are on there is pretty cool. They aren’t all the same.’ There are songs on the album that are completely different from what’s on the EP. There’s blues and rock on the album. It’s not all the same. I think people will be pleasantly surprised that there’s still more to come.”

Taste of Country chose the single ‘Get Your Redneck On’ as a critic’s pick, saying, “There’s something deliciously rebellious about the chorus. It makes one smile believing that Keith may have been a little bit wild while Daddy was on the road during her formative years. She’s comfortable singing about partying until dawn and skinny dipping. Suddenly, she seems like a pretty normal kid.”

'Whiskey & Lace' is due on Dec. 10 via Show Dog-Universal Music.

Krystal Keith, 'Whiskey & Lace' Track Listing:

1. ‘Doin' It’
2. ‘Can't Buy You Money’
3. ‘What Did You Think I'd Do’
4. ‘Daddy Dance With Me’
5. ‘Cabo San Lucas’
6. ‘Him And This Tattoo’
7. ‘Beautiful Weakness’
8. ‘Down Into Muddy Water’
9. ‘Get Your Redneck On’
10. ‘Whiskey & Lace’