On her debut country album, 'Some Lessons Learned,' the multi-talented Kristin Chenoweth pays tribute to one of the most important people in her life, her dad. "Well you laughed and told me you really wanted a boy / But you cried first time you held me, said you never felt such joy / That's fathers and daughters," the Oklahoma native sings in the opening lines of her latest single, 'Fathers and Daughters.'

Kristin visited our studios to sing several tunes from the new album. (Come back to The Boot next week for her exclusive live performance!) We also sat down with the songstress to talk about the new music. Read her personal connection to 'Fathers and Daughters' below, along with her performance of the tune at her debut appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.

"I have a really tight relationship with my family, especially my mom and dad," Kristin tells The Boot. "My mom has been my best friend, and she's been such an inspiration to me. She's survived cancer three times in her life, and my dad has been a great example of what a father is and what a husband should be. In fact, I tell him all the time that he ruined it for me, which is why I'm single because I keep comparing men to him. Daddy issues, that would be me. [laughs] But I sing a song on my record called fathers and daughters that the wonderful Jodi Marr wrote, and though it wasn't written for me, it feels like it was. If I could have written a song about my father, it would be this song. And the reaction to it has been so strong, because it's a relationship song. Even if its mother-son, or brother-sister. It's very special."