Kristian Bush recently spent a couple of weeks in the Pacific, visiting troops in Hawaii and Japan on a tour of U.S. military bases, and while on the USS McCampbell, Bush pulled a big country fan -- and aspiring singer -- up on stage with him.

Navy Chief Warrant Officer Beau Walters has always been interested in a career in country music, but he decided to put off his dream and chose instead to join the Armed Forces when he was younger. But Bush's visit and performance gave Walters the chance to experience life in the spotlight.

"Growing up, my mother was in a band -- she was actually a country singer -- so that was one of the things I always wanted to do with my life; I wanted to be a singer. However, I decided to join the Navy when I was 17, so that took a backseat to this job," Walters says in the video above. "But tonight, you know, being on stage and being able to participate ... I can't even begin to describe how it made me feel.

"I think that he is a very welcoming person, a very humble person," Walters says of Bush, "and it was amazing to have him here and to treat us with his new album. It's just great."

After the performance, Bush shared a few photos of the day on his Twitter account:

Bush was on the military tour between May 25 and June 6, during which time he made eight stops at different bases. The singer says that there were many reasons that he wanted to do the tour, including familial connections to the military.

"My dad and my granddad were both in the armed forces, so I've always been kind of fascinated with what life must've been like for the people who were [like] my parents, who were stationed on bases around here. You know, they must've fallen in love, and they were probably 23, and they decided to have a kid. So, I'm curious from that angle," Bush says of seeing troops overseas. "Also, there's just really nothing like coming to play for people who are so far away from home and to try to bring some music and some home back to these folks who are obviously missing everything about their life. I'm honored and humbled and lucky to be able to come and perform.

"I believe that music should do one of two things: It should either shake your hips or explode your heart, and if it's not doing one of those two things, maybe you ought to turn it off," he continues. "I hope to take a bunch of military personnel and their families and, maybe three minutes at a time, squished together at maybe an hour or so, make it a little less lonely. If you can start dancin' or laughin' or cryin', suddenly you're doing it all together. And that's what music's all about."

In April, the former Sugarland member released his debut solo album, Southern Gravity, which includes his latest single, “Light Me Up."

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