The tables are turning yet again in the whole Ethan Hawke / Kris Kristofferson / Toby Keith brouhaha.

Hawke wrote an article in Rolling Stone magazine detailing an alleged encounter between the two country stars backstage at Willie Nelson's 2003 birthday concert. The actor claims that he witnessed a heated exchange, during which an unnamed artist (whom he strongly hints was Keith) warned Kristofferson not to perform "none of that lefty s--t out there tonight" and to "tone it down."

Hawke claims the country legend snapped back at the other musician, "What the f--k did you just say to me? ... You ever worn your country's uniform? ... The answer is, 'No, you have not' ... You don't know what the hell you are talking about!"

While Keith vehemently denies that the incident even occurred, Kristofferson just says he doesn't remember it. But his wife apparently does.

"Actually, I like Toby Keith, but I don't agree with his politics," Kristofferson tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "There are a lot things in artistry that transcend politics."

The Star Tribune claims that the 72-year-old music icon admits that his wife Lisa remembers what happened. But he still maintains that he does not.

"That's something that happened six years ago ... I can't even remember what I had for breakfast," Kristofferson jokes with the newspaper.

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