Kris Kristofferson, Rosanne CashThe term 'super group' is arguably an understatement for this collaboration between country and rock legends. Kris Kristofferson, Rosanne Cash and Elvis Costello are teaming up for new music.

"[The three of us] wrote three songs together and recorded them already," Rosanne tells Spinner. "We performed one of those songs on Elvis' show, 'Spectacle.' We've started this project, and we really like writing together. It was kind of a zone of magic recording these songs. But we all live in three different cities, and to get everyone in the same city, it could take a decade to finish an album!"

In the same Spinner interview, Rosanne also revealed some other potential musical collaborations happening this year with country-rock artists Joe Henry and Billy Bragg. "Joe is a really close friend of mine, and I adore Billy," she says. "So the three of us are saying 2010 is the year we're going to do the Bragg/Cash/Henry project ... whatever that turns out to be."

As for the Cash/Kristofferson/Costello project, this is one of many collaborations between the three friends. Elvis joins Rosanne on 'Heartaches by the Number,' a track from Rosanne's latest album, 'The List.' And just this past December, Kris, Rosanne and Elvis announced they will be featured in an upcoming musical, 'Ghost Brothers of Darkland County,' set to debut later this year.

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