Congratulations to Kip Moore! His "I'm to Blame" music video has earned a place in The Boot's Video Shootout Hall of Fame.

Moore started his Shootout run in mid-May, earning nearly 77 percent of votes against Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers“Standards” clip and Ray Scott's “Ain’t Always Thirsty” video. The next week, "I'm to Blame" received just over 80 percent of votes against Little Big Town‘s “Girl Crush” and the Raelyn Nelson Band’s “Brother” music videos.

“I was picturing those terrible, powder-blue, old-school tuxedos. The idea started there, and we really wanted to have some fun with it,” Moore explains of the "I'm to Blame" music video, the concept for which the singer-songwriter came up with himself. “I try not to take myself too seriously all the time!”

In its third week in the Video Shootout, "I'm to Blame" garnered over 90 percent of votes versus Jana Kramer‘s “I Got the Boy” and Colt Ford‘s “Workin’ On" clips, and for his final victory, Moore took down new music videos from Rascal Flatts and Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard by receiving just over 68 percent of votes.

Moore first released "I'm to Blame," as the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album, Wild Ones, in late January; he shared a lyric video for the tune in mid-February, then released the official music video in early April.

“I came up with the music in soundchecks, playing different grooves and vibing with the band and hearing stuff and telling them to play different parts,” Moore says of the songs on his new record. “And then I would just go back in my bunk with a guitar part of mine several nights in a row, and I would wait for the lyric to come to me. I wouldn’t force anything. I would just think, ‘What does this piece of music mean to me?’ and find out what it was saying.”

Wild Ones is scheduled to be released on Aug. 21 and is now available for pre-order on