Kid RockAddressing the age-old argument over whether a country artist is "too pop or too country," Kid Rock has only one thing to say: "Go where you're celebrated, not tolerated."

It seems Kid Rock's friend, Rev Run -- best known for being one-third of the trailblazing rap group Run-D.M.C., and recognized as a pioneer of the hip-hop genre -- once gave him that piece of advice, and he holds fast to it. Pointing out that country music and hip-hop music actually parallel and influence one another, Kid Rock notes the key to success in any genre is just being true to the music.

"I think what country can do to better its image is to be more themselves -- not try to be part of the pop world and not try to be part of the mainstream," he tells CMT. "If you really want to get down to country music, just be more of that -- exactly what it is ... You can have a much more enjoyable experience in life."

Though he's best known for fusing rock and rap music, Kid Rock has also dabbled in country to great success. His 'All Summer Long' single went to No. 4 on the American country charts and hit No. 1 in eight different countries.