The man accused of trying to break into Kid Rock's Michigan home last week is now facing felony charges.

Brian D. Keith, who's accused of ramming down a gate on the singer's property and attempting to gain access to his house, was arraigned on Tuesday (Aug. 6), on charges of attempted home invasion and malicious destruction of property.

Keith, who is on crutches, asked the judge, Joseph Fabrizio, for leniency because of his physical disability.

"I had 15 screws and two plates put in my knee," Keith said (quote via Huffington Post). "Nurses come by every other day. I have to start intense physical therapy or else I'll never walk again."

But the judge had no sympathy for Keith, who already had 14 convictions on his record, including several for drunk driving and fraud.

"I do not find that you have strong ties to the community," Judge Fabrizio told Keith. "You have an out-of-state criminal history. While you have seven children, you do not have any custody of them."

Bond was set at $75,000. Keith is due back in court on Monday (Aug. 12). Meanwhile, Kid Rock, whose estimated damage to his property totals $29,000, issued a harsh warning for anyone else who trespasses.

"I am an avid hunter and marksman and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives," he wrote on his website. "I take the invasion of my personal space very seriously regardless of who you are and YES, I do profile people.”