Christmastime brings out something different in Kenny Rogers. The 77-year-old says that he always looks forward to his annual Christmas tour, but it's not just that yearly tradition that makes Rogers enjoy the holiday season so much.

"I do believe that we are so close to losing the words ‘Merry Christmas’ in our vocabulary, with everyone becoming politically correct," the country icon tells The Boot and other reporters. "I feel deeper, and things touch me ... Things make more sense to me at Christmas than at other times. And I love the Christmas music, and it’s also songs I don’t have to sing the rest of the year, so I get a chance to really do something different [on my Christmas tours], and I’m thrilled about that."

In 2015, Rogers embarked on his 34th Christmas tour, but the decades-old tradition is still just as exciting as it was in the very beginning.

"I love rituals. I love the fact that it’s kind of the same audience every year," he explains. "I try to change the show as much as I can and still do Christmas. It’s funny -- I’m convinced that the Christmas audience is a totally different audience than the one who comes to hear the hits, and you have to respect that."

This year's Christmas tour is especially poignant since the legendary artist has announced his plans to retire next year. But while Rogers will be stepping away from the spotlight, he hints that he might still do some Christmas shows in 2016.

"I think we’re going to do 80 shows next year, and whether or not that includes the Christmas tour, I don’t know," he reveals. "... I love doing a Christmas tour, but, boy, this is hard on me. I’m no young man anymore."

Rogers released a new Christmas album, Once Again, It’s Christmas, earlier this year; the record is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. His tour is scheduled to wrap up on Dec. 23 in Westbury, N.Y.; a list of remaining dates is available at

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