Kenny Chesney's video for his latest single, 'When I See This Bar,' might be the most personal video he has ever released. The six-minute clip includes footage from his time off in the Virgin Islands, as well as during his rehearsal for his current No Shoes Nation tour.

"This video probably has more of my life and more of my heart -- and we spent less on it -- than anything I've ever done," he tells USA Today. "It's got a lot of my life in it, a lot of the friends I met down in the islands back even before I started building my life as I know it now."

The video, which includes footage filmed with "camcorders that flipped out, before you could make a movie on your phone," pays homage to some of his own personal heroes. "Like the song, there's a lot of life in this video," Chesney explains, "and it's got a lot of people who inspired me in the ways they lived their lives."

'When I See This Bar,' which Chesney co-wrote with Keith Gattis, is the latest single from his No. 1 'Life On a Rock' album.