Tim McGraw and Kenny ChesneyTim McGraw's new film, 'The Blind Side,' starring Sandra Bullock, opened in theaters around the country on Nov. 20. And the big-screen appearance of the country superstar has another star feeling a twinge of envy. Kenny Chesney tells CMT Country Countdown host Lon Helton that even though fans are used to Tim's onstage persona, it's easy to get lost in the character he plays.

"I was very proud of him. It definitely shows how diverse he is as an artist, as a talent," says Kenny, adding that for the most part he was able to separate Tim's character on the big screen from the guy who's his close friend in real life. "There was a moment of jealousy, I'll have to admit, when he was lying in bed with Sandra Bullock. I went, 'That's really my buddy Tim McGraw in bed with Sandra Bullock!"

Naturally, the question came up as to whether Kenny himself would be interested in an acting career, what with his self-imposed break from touring in 2010. "I'm just now getting this [concert schedule] to where I want it. I don't want to go try to do that. Some people are really good at it. I saw the movie, and I was blown away by [Tim's] performance and by the story of the movie. I really was."

And whether he decides to do any acting or not, Kenny will still find himself on the big screen next spring when his 'Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D' is scheduled to be released in April 2010.